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Hot Dog & Chips R35.00
Kiddies Ribs & Chips R80.00


300g Rump R145.00
450g T Bone R145.00
750g T Bone R190.00
Rump & Calamari Combo R165.00
Dutch Fillet (red wine, pepper & mushroom sauce) R175.00
Hawaiian Fillet (topped wiht bacon, pinaple & cheese sauce) R175.00
Curry & Rice R99.00
Lamb Chops R160.00


Eisbein R140.00
Crumbed Pork Chops R99.00
Bangers & Mash R65.00
Full Ribs 1kg R180.00
Half Ribs 600g R135.00
Ribs & Calamari Combo R160.00


Chicken (chicken wings & strips) R85.00
Chicken & Calamari (Chicken strip and calamari) R98.00
Ribs & Chicken R105.00
Buccs (ribs, chicken strips, samousas & spring rolls) R125.00

Fish & Poultry

Grilled Fish R105.00
Linefish Buccaneer (topped with shrimp, mushrooms, cheese & garlic) R120.00
Calamari Main R98.00
Chicken Strips & Chips R65.00
Chicken Schnitzel (topped with cheese sauce) R99.00
Chicken Cordon Bleu (topped with mushroom souce) R125.00
Slimmers Meal (chicken fillet, greek salad & veg) R88.00
Chicken Livers Peri-Peri  R60.00
Veg Platter (greek salad, veg, baked potato, crumbed mushroom & onion rings) R92.00


Cheese, Pepper, Mushroom, monkey Gland, Garlic, Peri-Peri R30.00
Buccs Sauce (shrimp, mushroom, cheese & garlic)  R32.00
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.  

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